Assistance Guidelines

Thank you for contacting Advocates 4 Animals Pet Food Pantry. Below are the general guidelines

established to ensure eligibility in the pet food assistance program.

1. Must be 18 years old

2. Picture ID with current address

3. Proof of assistance (in the form of a Social Security Letter, Medicaid Card, Food Stamp Determination Letter, Unemployment Letter or Referral Letter)

4. Proof of Spay/Neuter within 30-days (we offer assistance)

5. Understand the food provided is donated and may not be your current brand, this may upset your pet's stomach (it is best to mix the donated food gradually to your current food)

6. Agree NOT to hold A4A Pet Food Pantry, its staff, volunteers and benefactors legally liable in the unfortunate event your pet(s) become ill or the food upsets the pet's stomach

7. Agree NOT to resell the pet food received from A4A Pet Food Pantry

8. Agree that you do NOT breed any of your pets for profit or for sport

9. Agree that you will NOT add animals while receiving assistance. We will no longer provide assistance if you take on additional animals.

10. Understand that A4A Pet Food Pantry has the right to deny your application

We ask for personal information when one applies but do not share it with anyone
and all information is kept strictly confidential.